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  • 14 Jul 2023 12:13 PM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    This month we caught up with talented singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and brand new ACB PARTNER: Steffi Pacson. We explored the inspiration behind her music, as well as the importance of learning different musical languages as a performing artist.



    How did you begin your musical journey?

    I started pretty late! When I was fifteen, I starred in a musical and at that point I did not know that I could or even liked to sing. I received so much positive feedback and discovered my lovefor music. Very early on, I knew I did not want to be just a singer. I wanted to be very independent and so I took up the piano, auditioned as a piano major at Adelphi University, and got in! I prepared Gymnopédie by Erik Satie and [a piece by] Chopin. At that point, I did not know my scales or technique but I worked my butt off to have that way of communication through a physical instrument. Around that same time, I got into songwriting workshops to learn to write and was regularly attending the Nashville Songwriters Association International as well as the New York Songwriters’ Circle. After my bachelors, I decided to apply to study audio engineering at SAE Institute of Technology New York. So, after my educational period, I wasnot only able to produce, record, mix, and master but also able to sing and write my own songs.

    Why take the time to be an independent artist?

    I’m looking for ways to fully express every single part of me. I had experiences in the studio and did not know how to communicate with the engineer what I wanted because I did not have the vocabulary. I knew what I wanted but did not know how to explain it. Now, I can never be lost in the signal flow because I understand it from their point of view. I wanted a full range of communication and to be able express exactly what my vision is.

    What inspires your music?

    For me, it’s life. It’s the human process. The creative process strongly parallels the human process. That’s what creativity is! It’s inspired by life. How you translate art from your life depends on how you want it to be seen by the public and how you want it to be perceived even by yourself. Even after you create your work, the perception after the fact can be different.

    How do you want your audience to feel when listening to you?

    I want those who are listening to feel empowered; to have this feeling of accepting themselves in the human and creative process. Now my upcoming EP talks a lot about female empowerment and accepting yourself in your human form and empowering yourself in the highs and lows of life. That’s the message I want for people to have.

    What influenced you to open Pacson Studios?

    There was a moment where I hesitated to continue doing music. I was at a crossroads. I realized I want to help people. For some time, I took a break from music and I worked in fashion and was in customer service. I realized I loved contacting the clients. I loved customer service and music, so I put that together. During this time, my father passed away and it had a big impact on me. I wanted to name the studio after him. If he’s hearing me somewhere, I hope he’s proud of me and sees it’s named after him.

    Future Goals?

    I would like to create a bigger impact with my teaching style. I receive positive feedback and see positive outcomes with those whom I teach. I also want to expand my studio. I have my music studio here in Brussels, Pacson Studios, opened here in February and we just finished renovations. Two of the rooms are ready to be rented to teachers so they can teach their lessons. I really wanted to make it teacher-friendly. Here in Brussels the idea of renting a space to teach is a relatively unknown concept. I keep my rent super low to encourage teachers to increase their self-value to increase the value of their services. Also, for my band, I want to do more concerts! I’m preparing my set list for music festivals next year.

    Where can we find you?

    I have a 2nd single and my first EP coming out soon! To keep up with me and my upcoming projects, you can visit my website, my Instagram, my Youtube, and my Spotify.

  • 20 Jun 2023 12:27 PM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    This month we sat down with the Anna who is a Volunteer and Project Coordination Manager at Serve the City in Brussels. We talked about how the charity mobilises volunteers in Belgium who are willing to  make a difference in their city by helping people most in need and how everyone can get involved!

    1. Tell us a bit about  Serve the City?

    Serve the City is a non-profit organisation that mobilises, enables, and manages volunteers in Belgium who are willing to do good and make a difference in their city by helping people most in need. With our team of volunteers, we serve the homeless, asylum seekers, refugees, theelderly, the disabled, children in need, and victims of abuse. We run our own projects, but we also support other local and international non-profits who are in need of volunteer power to help run their projects. Our projects can be split into four categories. We have social projects where the goal is all about socialising with each other. For example, we go into centres for asylum seekers and play with thekids. The second category is educational projects. For instance, we do lots of different homeworkclubs with children in need and also English and French classes. We also have more practical projects. These projects are all about helping behind the scenes to ensure the projects can run smoothly. For example, we have a brand new electric van that is used to deliver food to ourdifferent projects. We are always looking for drivers! The last category is food outreach. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people dealing with food insecurity in Brussels alone. Our food outreach projects are all about addressing this with a smile. Weekly, we prepare and distribute more than 3500 hot meals as well as other distributions, such as breakfasts for ourfriends on the streets. With these four categories, everyone can find a project suited to them! To give an idea of the scale of our activities, in 2022 we distributed more than 114,000 hot meals and more than 91,000 lunch bags, ran 38 weekly projects and had 1443 volunteers complete over 22,000 volunteering hours. None of this would have been possible without our amazing volunteers who show so much compassion on a daily basis.

    2. What are some of the challenges you've faced in running this program?

    At times it can be hard to find volunteers for certain projects. Often we are lacking drivers for our Monday and Wednesday driving shifts. These are essential for the functioning of our projects. They deliver the more than 500 meals needed for lunch on the same day, so there are many people relying on this shift happening! As you can imagine, having so many projects comes at a financial cost. We rely on the support of individuals and organisations who ensure that we can continue to do the work we do. Without the generosity of people, we would not be able to keep running all of our projects and helping those in our city who need it most.

    4. Where have you seen a direct impact on the community?

    Personally, I have seen a huge change in the children who attend the homework club we do in the centres for asylum seekers. The kids who live in the centre come from all over the world. They arrive in Belgium and immediately go to school, often without the languages and without having experienced a Belgian educational system. As you can imagine, this is really hard on the kids. Through weekly support and building relationships, we have seen them learn languages within weeks and start to excel at school. Here is what one of the 13 year-olds who comes every week has to say: “I like when you come to help us. I don’t like doing homework alone. When you’re here you make us feel like we can do it. When I’m on my own I don’t believe I can. My mum can’t really help me and doing homework on my own is hard. I feel less scared when I do it with you. You help me concentrate. It’s not boring, you make it fun. It is different than at school. Here I can be me. I feel more at home here. You’re my friends.” On the other side, we have seen that volunteering also really impacts the volunteers themselves. It truly is a force for change. We have seen complete transformation within people. It’s so much more than simply giving someone a sandwich. Alison, one of our very committed Project Leaders has this to say about the impact of volunteering: “In October 2020 I started volunteering at the Lunch 4 All project up to 4 times a week; it was during a lockdown and I found it gave me purpose and structure to an otherwise very challenging time. In June 2021 I was asked to help lead the project twice a week. I had many doubts about my capabilities to take on this responsibility as 300 - 400 people come to the Red Cross centre every lunchtime. Happily, I tried and I have now been a project leader for one year. I am 62 years old and volunteering with STC has become very important to me at this stage of my life. My confidence has grown, I feel useful and it’s very satisfying to be part of this team. I give my time but I receive so much more.”

    5. What are your goals/hopes for the future of this program?

    Currently, Serve the City Belgium is active in Brussels, Leuven and Wavre. In the coming years we would love to have a Serve the City volunteering community in more cities across Belgium. We would also love to expand our projects and serve as many people as we can!

    6. Is there a story you have that represents Serve the City? 

    We have amazing volunteers, so it's hard to pick just one! As we like to say, many people doing small things together can make a big difference. I think a standout is someone who is currently helping us a lot. He arrived in Belgium in September 2022 and was coming to one of our food distributions to receive lunch every day. After a couple of weeks he saw an opportunity to get involved himself and downloaded our app. He started volunteering at the very project he relied on. Today he is still helping out at many different projects and comes to the office everyday to support us here as well. He is still waiting in the asylum seeking process, but in the meantime heis making a massive difference to people in the same shoes as him.

    7. Where can we find you/How can we get involved?

    Getting involved is super easy! We have an app called ServeNow. On this app you can see all our different projects and volunteering opportunities. With just a few clicks you can register for shifts. We do not expect any kind of commitment. If you can come once a week, great! If you can come once every month, also great! We are very flexible and love to see people getting involved, no matter how frequently. We hope to see you at our projects soon!

  • 22 May 2023 10:19 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    This month we sat down with the lovely Mrs. Norma Decker Hoagland, co-author of The Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins. She crafted a biography of an early 20th Century business woman and shares with us the impact Elizabeth Watkins had on her own life and the lives of many women attending Kansas University still today.

    1. What inspired you to write about Elizabeth Miller Watkins?

    It’s been about fifteen years since I’ve been researching Elizabeth. The first book I wrote was an architectural history book on a landmark on campus of the University of Kansas. This landmark was commissioned and designed by Elizabeth Watkins. I just was so captured by Elizabeth. She was born in 1861 and was a woman of business when women weren’t in business! She was so steady of character and determined. I found it absolutely remarkable.

    2. Has writing about Elizabeth influenced your life?

    Oh, absolutely. She has made me more confident, more willing to stand up for myself in business, and speak up where I might not have before. I felt like so many young women needed to hear a story of a strong business woman.

    3. What was the most interesting part of research?

    My co-author, Mary Burchill and I had to go through business letters in order to piece together her life. In total, the records of her businesses extended the length of two football fields! For a story of two people set in the Victorian era, there’s nothing boring about it. There was intrigue, blackmail, family drama, and more. It’s quite a story we were able to uncover.

    4. Where can we find your book?

    You can find The Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins on Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Target.

  • 12 Apr 2023 2:27 PM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    This month we sat down with designer and founder of Morphée Joaillerie, Pamela Hastry, to discuss how Belgium has imprinted itself on her artform as a gemologist, designer, and goldsmith. We learned that jewels are not merely stones, but partake in our life stories; spanning cultures and transforming into something touchingly human.

    1. How have your travels impacted your art?

    After working for brands like Cartier, Van Cleef, and Chaumet, I started a jewelry formation. I wanted to understand different cultural perspectives, patrimony, and heritages and the know-how of this trade. I moved and traveled to engage with different cultures, workshops, and techniques; to learn the best from everywhere. Adaptability is incredibly important and impacts the end product dramatically.

    Brussels is almost like neutral territory. It has its identity but it’s composed of many elements and I think that I associate that with myself. There are roots which are undeniable, but then there is also a sense of adaptability or a cross-cultural point of view on things. During my time in Paris or Rome, working in places like Place Vendôme, characteristics of those places are imprinted on me. The quality of craftsmanship and materials remain important to me, those are my roots in my design work; the excellence I strive for.

    2. World Citizenry in a Ring:

    Recently, a Persian customer who practices the Bahá'í Faith asked me to make a signet ring of his religion. His prophet was martyred in Constantinople, now Istanbul. I made a signet ring using a lot of the symbols of his religion so it may be identified clearly as a religious ring. In Washington DC there is the temple of religions, where all faiths are represented in the architecture, of which there is one pillar dedicated to the Bahá'í Faith.

    I took the motif and repeated it on the ring and on the side I used zoomorphic calligraphy written in Arabic. To do something like this, I cannot delegate this craftsmanship totally to a French jeweler because Arabic calligraphy is very specific. So, I made the basic ring in Paris and called upon my friends in Istanbul to finish the ring and complete the zoomorphic calligraphy.

    In the end, it took the story of the prophet in the picture and brought it back to Brussels before being sent to Rwanda where my Iranian customer resided!

    3. How can people get in touch?

    Shop Address:

    Brussels Boutique - Place du Grand Sablon

    1 Impasse Saint Jacques, B-1000 Belgium


    Telephone: +32 (0)475 869 879


  • 13 Feb 2023 10:25 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    1. Tell us about your organization and what it does and what is unique about it? 

    With more than 250 venues in more than seventy countries worldwide, the Hard Rock Cafe is aninternationally recognized global brand with a standard that keeps its customers returning.Regardless of where you are in the world, the warm welcome and service you receive is consistent throughout its owned/licensed hotels, casinos, Rock Shops and cafes. Nowhere is this truer than in their Belgium based Hard Rock Cafes located in its capital, Brussels. The Brussels Hard Rock Cafe opened in 2012 and we celebrated the 10 th anniversary last year with a special party and the presence of guests like world renowned Belgian DJ, Daddy K.

    2. What did we learn from speaking with Chady El Bared, General Manager?

    First Hard Rock Cafe opened its door in 1971 in London and grew into one of most recognizable brands in the world. 41 years later, the Hard Rock Cafe came to Brussels’s Grand Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Hard Rock Cafe Brussels is always a memorable experience that lives long in the memory of all who walk through our doors. If ever you find yourself in Brussels and crave classic American fare like burgers, a visit here is an absolute must. We warmly welcome all members of American Club Brussels!

    3. What advice would you give our readers? 

    There is always something happening at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels: live music, happy hour, special celebrations, events, and special limited time offers. This week, bring you and your better half to celebrate Valentine's Day with us with live music by Long Island artist, Steffi Pacson, and a special dedicated menu! Steffi Pacson, a Belgium-based pop singer/songwriter, will play at21:30 and will be accompanied by Remo Spezza on drums and Federico Fontana on bass. For more information, click here!

    4. How can people get in touch with you? 

    ACB members are always welcome in Hard Rock Cafe Brussels! We have a longstanding, partnership with ACB and we would like to offer all members a special 10% discount on food, beverages (excluding alcohol drinks), and our merchandise in the shop. Furthermore we are specialized in organizing private events ranging from corporate dinners, birthday celebrations, to cocktail parties and business meetings. If you would like to collaborate with us for your next special event, please contact our sales team at .

    More info about Hard Rock Cafe Brussels:

  • 16 Nov 2022 10:32 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    1.Tell us about your organization and what is unique about it?

    Whether it’s in terms of resources consumption, budget-related costs, or the required workload, doing your own laundry inevitably affects your daily life. So it made us think..

    Why does doing laundry feel so outdated? Everything else experienced a jump in convenience. We can shop and order food online and quickly hire cars to drive us everywhere, yet we still do laundry the same way we did 20 years ago? Why can’t doing laundry be as easy as using an App?

    So we went on a mission to change the way laundry is done so it’s faster and more convenient. Our ideal is for everyone to easily access professional laundry services in a few clicks, which is now possible thanks to our new mobile application. Moreover, in accordance with our values, we developed a fleet of electric scooters to minimise even further the impact of your laundry on the environment.

    Our services are somewhat new and completely unique in Brussels. Therefore we would be eager to hear about your experience!

    2. What did we learn from speaking with Maxime? What advice would you give our readers?

    According to the Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, the household sector is responsible for about 21% of all carbon emissions, and laundry cycles account for 8.29% of all households emissions. These percentages might be a little mind-boggling, so here’s another way to look at it: electricity is required to heat the water and run the machines. Large amount of energy goes into manufacturing the laundry machinery, shipping the washer, dryers & soaps. Moreover, people do their laundry weekly, if not daily. This means that washer and dryer energy usage, coupled with the amount of water used for laundry, have a direct impact on your energy consumption.

    However, there are some alternatives out there, namely, making use of professional laundry places. Compared to your home washing machine, a professional laundry place uses 50% less water, 35% less chemicals and 25% less energy. These numbers are an average. Some laundry places, such as the once we are working with, even further diminish the impact of your laundry on the environment.

    3. How can people get in touch with you? 

    ACB members get a special 20% on their first order, using the promo code “ACB2022” on the Wosh website, mobile app or web app.


    Mobile app:

    Web app:

    You can also contact us by email: or phone: +32 2 430 25 96
  • 13 Oct 2022 11:35 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    1.Tell us about your organization and what it does? 

    My main goal is to assist Americans living abroad with their U.S. tax reporting to the IRS, and possibly home state. Since the U.S. requires Americans to annually report their global income, it sometimes becomes confusing to complete the various forms to the IRS. Mir Taxes also likes to keep Americans (clients or not) informed with a (somewhat) monthly Newsletter with tax news and due dates. Anyone can sign up by contacting us or visiting this website. Mir Taxes keeps Americans informed of changes in the tax laws as well as any credits that can be beneficial to the taxpayers especially the Child Tax Credit. Mir Taxes was very involved in informing American expats of how to receive the Economic Impact Payments in 2020 and 2021… and how they can still receive them. What is unique about Mir Taxes? Most U.S.-based tax preparers are not completely savvy about how to process the Form 1040 to the IRS from abroad. Mir Taxes is specialized in helping Americans living abroad, especially Belgium. 

    2. What did we learn from speaking with Carl?

    U.S. Persons (citizens and green card holders) are required to file an annual tax declaration to the IRS in the U.S. by reporting their global income. However, most tax filers will not be double taxed. Mir Taxes can assist to ensure that U.S. Persons are NOT double taxed.

    3. What advice would you give our readers?

    All expats should also be aware that if they have a company in their new home country, that company’s financial statements must be reported to the IRS. By not reporting, the penalties are quite severe. Also, if the aggregate balances of the financial foreign accounts reach $10,000 on any ONE day of the year, all accounts are required to be reported on the FINCEN 114 (FBAR). Penalties are also quite severe for non-reporting.

    If any U.S. Person has not completed their reporting for several years, the IRS allows to file the last three years within an amnesty program to avoid the penalties for failure of filing. Mir Taxes has assisted several Americans to “catch-up” via this program. Keep in mind that “green card holders” are required to file as well even if they leave the U.S. In order to not be subject to the tax filing requirement, the holders must officially return their green cards to the U.S. government… it is not a matter of merely relocating abroad.

    If you experience any issues reporting your tax to the U.S. and are unsure of the procedures and/or consequences, you can contact us at Mir Taxes. 

    4. How can people get in touch with you? 

    For any questions and to arrange a phone call, Skype, or Zoom meeting, you can email us: info@mirtaxes. Alternatively, appointments can be made here. Your first 15-minute informative call is free.

  • 22 Sep 2022 11:21 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    Tell us about Alice Restaurant and Cocktail Bar and what is unique about it?

    Alice Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, previously Rouge Tomate, is undergoing a transformation post-Covid. We changed our concept throughout the past 2 years of Covid-19 so much that the current model and philosophy no longer adhered to the name and reputation of Rouge Tomate. Also, moving forward from such a disastrous period for our sector it makes more sense to reunite our two concepts, restaurant & cocktail bar, under one identity. Our uniqueness and speciality is that we offer a one stop location for a wide variety of possibilities. From just a simple lunch or dinner amongst friends to corporate events or weddings/parties.

    Our weekly menu that features seasonal dishes for all, is competitive and generous. From drinks to food and even cigars, there's something for everyone who's looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Make sure to check out our lovely garden in the summer too!

    Finally the decor in this aged manor home with modern touches and contemporary design offers a truly unique Brussels vibe.

    What did we learn from speaking with Alex? What advice would you give our readers?

    From a small town kid that grew up in California and moved to Europe my only advice is: "If you can't get carried away then you should!"  

    How can people get in touch with you? 

    For reservations or inquiries please send us an email via or call us at 02/647.40.77 

  • 16 Jun 2022 9:52 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    1.Tell us about your organization and what it does? What is unique about Mint Consult? 

    Mint Consult helps international companies and other employers to optimize their remuneration policy. With expertise in both Belgian and international tax legislation and income tax, we help our clients develop an efficient compensation model. Sven Monsaert is the Managing Director and founder of Mint Consult. Before setting up Mint Consult three years ago, Sven worked for more than fifteen years as Tax Consultant for a large international consultancy company. He now uses his expertise to provide a personalized approach to taxation. For example, he works with US citizens who retire in Belgium and makes sure that his clients get one point of contact for both US and Belgian taxation.

    2. What did we learn from speaking with Sven? 

    This year, a new Belgian expat regime came into force, ending a complex special tax status for expats inherited from the 1980s. The new law allows employers to reimburse or compensate the expatriate on a tax-free basis for the recurring additional costs resulting from the expatriation in Belgium. This can apply to all employment and assignments in Belgium who meet certain criteria and enables expats moving to Belgium to enjoy a more favorable tax system. This reimbursement is limited to 30% of the gross remuneration and capped at a maximum tax free amount of € 90.000. The new expat regime is applicable for an initial 5-year period with a possible 3-year extension. Unlike the old expat regime, where a change of employer meant losing the expat status, the new expat regime is no longer linked exclusively to the employer. It can therefore continue to apply when there is a change of employer. Qualifying expatriates will now be taxable in Belgium on their worldwide income, but are also entitled to invoke the double tax treaties concluded by Belgium. You can find out more about this tax changes on Mint Consult's blog here

    3. What advice would you give our readers?

    If you are a US expat living in Belgium, make sure that reporting obligations in the US and Belgium are aligned. Ensuring the information is reported correctly and having the same adviser responsible for your tax helps to avoid double taxation on your income

    4. How can people get in touch with you? 
    For more information, you can visit the Mint Consult website or contact
  • 26 Apr 2022 1:55 PM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

    Photo credit: Bart Dewaele

    1.Tell us a little about Pathways and what your organization does? What is unique about Pathways?

    Pathways is an asbl/vzw that works with partners to develop creative, problem-solving negotiation skills through workshops, courses, and educational programs. Our approach is based on methodology developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project for transforming negotiation from bargaining or haggling to joint problem-solving.

    I'd say that there are three things that, in particular, make Pathways unique: first, we have a focus on bringing creative negotiation tools and concepts into areas of the educational system where negotiation skills are not typically taught, working in partnership with various departments at universities, university-colleges and secondary schools - in addition to more traditional courses and training programs that we do with individual institutions, companies, and associations. Second, we work with a highly experiential pedagogy, recognizing the importance of interpersonal connection, creativity, and interactivity in the learning process. Finally, in addition to doing programs with individual academic institutions, our flagship programs bring schools and different communities together for joint learning, in particular connecting Dutch-speaking and Francophone institutions for shared programs for their students. By learning and practicing creative negotiation skills together - through simulations, role plays, and games - participants not only develop their own skills, but build new relationships, institutional bridges, and a shared sense of possibility. Currently, all of our workshops are conducted in English.

    2. How did it start?  Why negotiation?

    I started my own career in negotiation training and consulting at a private sector consulting firm in Boston, Vantage Partners, which was founded by one of the authors of the negotiation book "Getting to Yes" along with colleagues from the Harvard Negotiation Project. I learned this interest-based negotiation framework there and, after leaving the firm, had the opportunity to get involved in launching and leading educational projects working with youth together with other colleagues. When I moved to Brussels, some folks involved in educational work heard about the work that I had been doing with schools and thought it would be relevant and adaptable to the Belgian context. With their support, and support from key partners including the U.S. Embassy in Belgium, we launched the Game Changers negotiation skills & exchange program for secondary school students, which was the first project that I ran here in Belgium.

    Why negotiation? Well, we negotiate all the time, in our professional lives, personal lives, social lives, and political lives. If I want something and you want something and we try to reach an agreement about that, that's a negotiation. But, most people don't actively learn and practice this skill, unless they happen to go to certain business or law schools, or get professional training at some point in their career. Most of us just do our best, developing various assumptions and habits along the way that might not actually serve us in reaching our goals effectively. Working with teenagers and young adults is incredibly motivating, because at this point they are really developing their sense of agency, negotiating more and more and trying out different approaches to see what works for them. Equipping them with additional tools for their negotiation toolbox should serve them in different ways throughout their lives.

    3. How can the ACB members apply negotiations everyday and improve this skill?

    First, recognize where and when you are negotiating and towards what purpose. Even informal conversations that strive to reach an agreement (e.g. Where do we go for holiday during the upcoming break? Can I study overseas for a year? Can the bank extend the deadline of our mortgage offer? ) are negotiations and can be approached methodically.

    Second, prepare: who are the parties? What are their interests? How well would different options meet our and their interests or not? What external standards can I reference to explain which options are fair and which are not? What would I and they do to meet our interests if we don't reach agreement? What's our best (and worst) alternative to a negotiated agreement? What kind of relationship with the other party do I have and do I want? Questions like these can help us prepare - and act - in ways that improve the odds of our reaching an outcome that meets our interests and goals, whether by finding a deal, or indeed sometimes by saying "no". 

    Finally, reflect on your experiences. Just as you ought to take the time to prepare, take some time - either on your own or with your team/counterparts - to reflect on the experience. What worked well? What might you try differently next time? Negotiation, like riding a bike or sailing, is a skill that is best developed through practice. You need some key theory to get going and structure your approach, and then the most important thing is to experiment and practice with purpose and attention.

    Learn more about Pathways at
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