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  American Club Brussels
An International club with an American heart

Hoover Circle

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American Club of Brussels, we are establishing the Club's Herbert Hoover Circle (HHC).  As such, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join the expanding circle of supporters.

We are proud of our history as Americans in Belgium, active and engaged in our local community, and contributing to strong relations between our countries.  I know you are, too.  Becoming a member of the HHC is a great way for you to put that pride into action and to keep up the tradition of re-DISCOVERING Brussels.

This prestigious circle plays a key role in ensuring our club remains a visible and viable link between Belgium and the United States. My fellow board members and I have decided to create three categories of membership to the HHC, available to individuals, members of the Club and non-members alike. Your contribution will enable the Club to work towards recovering from the difficult 2020 and 2021 years due to Covid restrictions and ensure that we can work towards improving our offers and services to you in the future by investing in special projects such as a new website.

Ambassador's Circle

The Ambassador's Circle, our most significant level of support, is open to those making an annual gift of €1,000 or more. You form the core of the new HHC. When you join, you will be entitled to a total of four (4) invitations to a hallmark Club event (such as the Gala, Thanksgiving or Ommegang), as well as special recognition for your generosity on our Club website, at the gala itself, and in the President's General Assembly address.


Benefactors are those supporters making an annual gift of €500 or more. As a Benefactor, you will be entitled to a total of four (4) invitations to two (2) regular and two (2) hallmark Club events, along with a special mention on our Club website and at the gala itself.


Friends are those supporters who make an annual gift of €250 or more. As a friend, you will have a total of two (2) invitations for you and/or your friends for a regular Club event, and you will receive recognition on our Club website and at the gala.

YOU are what makes the American Club of Brussels a special international club: your support, your active participation, your passion for our mission. That mission has remained essentially the same throughout the past 100 years: DISCOVERY.

In this 100th year of DISCOVERY, this mutual understanding and support is more important now than ever. Will you join us as a Member of the Herbert Hoover Circle?

And if you're someone who feels more the call to volunteer, then please help with outreach and organization of this excellent initiative. You can contact me at

The board of directors and executive committee and all the members of the American Club of Brussels extend their deep appreciation for these generous contributions. We thank you so much for your continued support.

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