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29 May 2024 10:47 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

This month, we talked to George Lake founder of Bluelake law about US immigration. We learnt that US immigration law can take longer and is more complicated by the year and how to start the process early! 

1. Tell us about your organization and what it does and what is unique about it?  We are a boutique US immigration law firm with particular experience with the US consulates in Belgium, the Netherlands and surrounding countries. We help the family of US citizens immigrate to the United States and European businesses to obtain visas for their employees to work in the United States. While most US immigration attorneys are located in the United States, we are located in Europe, in your time zone and with specific local knowledge and experience.

2. What have we learnt from about US immigration talking to Bluelake? It seems to get longer and more complicated by the year! But there are still some provisions left for those resident in Belgium - such as allowing families to expedite their Green Card cases directly through the US Embassy in Brussels. Discover some useful tips about filing your green cards from the Blue lake law firm blog: Fast-track Green Card Abroad: I-130 Filing Help | Blue Lake Law.

3. What advice would you give our readers looking to immigrate to the US?  Start early! Some of the processes available can take more than a year so its good to plan ahead.

4. How can people get in touch with you? Feel free to reach out by email to and schedule a call. There are free consultations for ACB members!

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