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13 May 2024 10:21 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

This month we talked to the film directors and producers of UNCONDITIONAL, a documentary film which premiered internationally at the European Parliament in Brussels on 16 April 2024. Seven years in the making, a first of its kind film from award-winning filmmaker Richard Lui, on the topic that affects 100 million Americans – mental health. UNCONDITIONAL is an Oscars-qualified film honored at the White House, United Nations & U.S. Congress, which profiles three families and their seven year journey of mental strength. 


1. Why did you make this film? What does UNCONDITIONAL mean to you?
I wanted to shift the conversation about mental health and bring it into the mainstream. UNCONDITIONAL began seven years ago to try to share what emotional health challenges look like. It is a film about the importance of mental health for those living with a disability. And it is a film that shows how their caregivers too, often face questions of their own emotional health but don’t know it. The film explores how mental health is not what we think it is. It is not only the polar extremes of what the movies or media make it out to be. It also comes in shades of gray and in places we do not expect or know. It is also not a subject that is inherently negative. Mental health can be about strength, too.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about what made you film this over the course of seven years?

Nine years ago, my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Shortly after, I stepped back from my work as a cable news anchor, changing to work part time on weekends. I started to make a weekly commute from my work in New York and my family in San Francisco. The team filmed each of the three families over seven years. We made multiple trips back to each family’s hometown, and kept the same team together for the entire filming process. This allowed us to document how the family adapted to care for their loved one over time.

3. What do you want audiences to take away from this film?
The film is a reason to start talking about mental health with your loved ones. It’s  more important than ever. I want audiences to realize that no matter where you’re from, you can be a part of this conversation. That it is okay to say you’re not sure if you’re okay.

4. For those who missed the international premiere at the European Parliament in Brussels in April, where can we watch UNCONDITIONAL?
UNCONDITIONAL is available to buy or rent digitally on Amazon Prime Video.

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