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14 Jul 2023 12:13 PM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

This month we caught up with talented singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and brand new ACB PARTNER: Steffi Pacson. We explored the inspiration behind her music, as well as the importance of learning different musical languages as a performing artist.



How did you begin your musical journey?

I started pretty late! When I was fifteen, I starred in a musical and at that point I did not know that I could or even liked to sing. I received so much positive feedback and discovered my lovefor music. Very early on, I knew I did not want to be just a singer. I wanted to be very independent and so I took up the piano, auditioned as a piano major at Adelphi University, and got in! I prepared Gymnopédie by Erik Satie and [a piece by] Chopin. At that point, I did not know my scales or technique but I worked my butt off to have that way of communication through a physical instrument. Around that same time, I got into songwriting workshops to learn to write and was regularly attending the Nashville Songwriters Association International as well as the New York Songwriters’ Circle. After my bachelors, I decided to apply to study audio engineering at SAE Institute of Technology New York. So, after my educational period, I wasnot only able to produce, record, mix, and master but also able to sing and write my own songs.

Why take the time to be an independent artist?

I’m looking for ways to fully express every single part of me. I had experiences in the studio and did not know how to communicate with the engineer what I wanted because I did not have the vocabulary. I knew what I wanted but did not know how to explain it. Now, I can never be lost in the signal flow because I understand it from their point of view. I wanted a full range of communication and to be able express exactly what my vision is.

What inspires your music?

For me, it’s life. It’s the human process. The creative process strongly parallels the human process. That’s what creativity is! It’s inspired by life. How you translate art from your life depends on how you want it to be seen by the public and how you want it to be perceived even by yourself. Even after you create your work, the perception after the fact can be different.

How do you want your audience to feel when listening to you?

I want those who are listening to feel empowered; to have this feeling of accepting themselves in the human and creative process. Now my upcoming EP talks a lot about female empowerment and accepting yourself in your human form and empowering yourself in the highs and lows of life. That’s the message I want for people to have.

What influenced you to open Pacson Studios?

There was a moment where I hesitated to continue doing music. I was at a crossroads. I realized I want to help people. For some time, I took a break from music and I worked in fashion and was in customer service. I realized I loved contacting the clients. I loved customer service and music, so I put that together. During this time, my father passed away and it had a big impact on me. I wanted to name the studio after him. If he’s hearing me somewhere, I hope he’s proud of me and sees it’s named after him.

Future Goals?

I would like to create a bigger impact with my teaching style. I receive positive feedback and see positive outcomes with those whom I teach. I also want to expand my studio. I have my music studio here in Brussels, Pacson Studios, opened here in February and we just finished renovations. Two of the rooms are ready to be rented to teachers so they can teach their lessons. I really wanted to make it teacher-friendly. Here in Brussels the idea of renting a space to teach is a relatively unknown concept. I keep my rent super low to encourage teachers to increase their self-value to increase the value of their services. Also, for my band, I want to do more concerts! I’m preparing my set list for music festivals next year.

Where can we find you?

I have a 2nd single and my first EP coming out soon! To keep up with me and my upcoming projects, you can visit my website, my Instagram, my Youtube, and my Spotify.

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