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16 Nov 2022 10:32 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

1.Tell us about your organization and what is unique about it?

Whether it’s in terms of resources consumption, budget-related costs, or the required workload, doing your own laundry inevitably affects your daily life. So it made us think..

Why does doing laundry feel so outdated? Everything else experienced a jump in convenience. We can shop and order food online and quickly hire cars to drive us everywhere, yet we still do laundry the same way we did 20 years ago? Why can’t doing laundry be as easy as using an App?

So we went on a mission to change the way laundry is done so it’s faster and more convenient. Our ideal is for everyone to easily access professional laundry services in a few clicks, which is now possible thanks to our new mobile application. Moreover, in accordance with our values, we developed a fleet of electric scooters to minimise even further the impact of your laundry on the environment.

Our services are somewhat new and completely unique in Brussels. Therefore we would be eager to hear about your experience!

2. What did we learn from speaking with Maxime? What advice would you give our readers?

According to the Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, the household sector is responsible for about 21% of all carbon emissions, and laundry cycles account for 8.29% of all households emissions. These percentages might be a little mind-boggling, so here’s another way to look at it: electricity is required to heat the water and run the machines. Large amount of energy goes into manufacturing the laundry machinery, shipping the washer, dryers & soaps. Moreover, people do their laundry weekly, if not daily. This means that washer and dryer energy usage, coupled with the amount of water used for laundry, have a direct impact on your energy consumption.

However, there are some alternatives out there, namely, making use of professional laundry places. Compared to your home washing machine, a professional laundry place uses 50% less water, 35% less chemicals and 25% less energy. These numbers are an average. Some laundry places, such as the once we are working with, even further diminish the impact of your laundry on the environment.

3. How can people get in touch with you? 

ACB members get a special 20% on their first order, using the promo code “ACB2022” on the Wosh website, mobile app or web app.


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