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16 Jun 2022 9:52 AM | Contact ACB (Administrator)

1.Tell us about your organization and what it does? What is unique about Mint Consult? 

Mint Consult helps international companies and other employers to optimize their remuneration policy. With expertise in both Belgian and international tax legislation and income tax, we help our clients develop an efficient compensation model. Sven Monsaert is the Managing Director and founder of Mint Consult. Before setting up Mint Consult three years ago, Sven worked for more than fifteen years as Tax Consultant for a large international consultancy company. He now uses his expertise to provide a personalized approach to taxation. For example, he works with US citizens who retire in Belgium and makes sure that his clients get one point of contact for both US and Belgian taxation.

2. What did we learn from speaking with Sven? 

This year, a new Belgian expat regime came into force, ending a complex special tax status for expats inherited from the 1980s. The new law allows employers to reimburse or compensate the expatriate on a tax-free basis for the recurring additional costs resulting from the expatriation in Belgium. This can apply to all employment and assignments in Belgium who meet certain criteria and enables expats moving to Belgium to enjoy a more favorable tax system. This reimbursement is limited to 30% of the gross remuneration and capped at a maximum tax free amount of € 90.000. The new expat regime is applicable for an initial 5-year period with a possible 3-year extension. Unlike the old expat regime, where a change of employer meant losing the expat status, the new expat regime is no longer linked exclusively to the employer. It can therefore continue to apply when there is a change of employer. Qualifying expatriates will now be taxable in Belgium on their worldwide income, but are also entitled to invoke the double tax treaties concluded by Belgium. You can find out more about this tax changes on Mint Consult's blog here

3. What advice would you give our readers?

If you are a US expat living in Belgium, make sure that reporting obligations in the US and Belgium are aligned. Ensuring the information is reported correctly and having the same adviser responsible for your tax helps to avoid double taxation on your income

4. How can people get in touch with you? 
For more information, you can visit the Mint Consult website or contact

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